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Duh blog
 So a while ago I started a blog with google, it's a video game review blog that I really didn't get too far with, I think with all the more credible sources out there another blog just wasn't really meant to pull through and go big.  I was hoping to make money however I was unsuccessful and slowly stopped posting.  Generally I play games that I want to play and a lot of the time it's older games that everyone knows everything about, or at least everyone that's interested.

Any who, my girlfriend MissGriim told me about this site, figured I wouldn't advertise or anything I'd just use it to hop on and post my thoughts.  I don't mind if other people read it I'm not going to privatize this or anything.  I like having somewhere to post random stuff that doesn't really have a character limit, and if it's anything I might want in my blog, I guess I could post it there too, but I'd have to change the name of that one though cause posting game reviews feels kind of pointless.

So, I was watching this short show (8 episodes about 4 minutes long each, so I mean literally "short") called ctrl where the lead character Stuart (Tony Hale, aka Buster from Arrested Development) splls nestea on this keyboard and therefore turns his keyboard into a sort of time machine.  Pressing ctrl + z turns back time and such (you know, all the keyboard shortcuts).  At one point his z key gets stuck and he ends up going back to the past to his first day on the job (15 years before present day) and before he presses ctrl + y to redo, he mentions going "Back to the Future" and the kid, who is his boss in present day, says "Yeah, I've seen that movie, they made 3 of them" and Stuart replies with "Wow... 15 years doesn't seem that long anymore"

So, what I'm trying to get at is my thought process, this whole thing got me thinking... What happened in the 1990's? I mean, we all remember each decade for something, right? I'm only 23 and I know the 1950's to be the black and white T.V. is just getting started decade, 1960 being the hippie decade 1970 being mistaken for the hippie decade however really only being the coke head decade with REALLY bad taste in colors and everything, and 1980's being the Scarface decade with weird, yet actually not that bad, taste in music decade... But then we get to the 90's and really all that I remember is a bunch of stuff that doesn't stand out... I remember some movies, some music, rap started getting out of control and everyone started thinking they were black (That really didn't take hold until the 00's) but when I think 90's I really don't think of a cliche portrait of what stuff looks like in that decade.
I do know that it's when the Golden Age of video games started though.  Nintendo started making games, I think Playstation came out, all these characters representing their systems.  Computers ran on 8MB ram (lawlz), but then that didn't even expand until 2000-2010 with the current generation of console games and PC games pushing limits harder and harder with now having nudity readily available in video games, blood, gore, shooting, cursing, all of this with increasingly amazing graphics.
Speaking of which...
I remember a time where my whole family would bitch at me for playing video games too much, finally when I'm out of that phase and actually out on my own trying to survive (and they still bitch I play too much, which maybe I do but I still support myself) I  see them sitting around playing Angry Birds and Farmville...
When did these tables turn??? For me it was about 4 years ago, I started actually trying to spend time with my mom after I was out of work and I noticed she was on her laptop all the time not even watching T.V. with my stepdad staring blankly at the newspaper.
Anyway, girlfriends back home so I'm done ranting about nothing.

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1970s had really bad taste in colors, youre so cute. also, yeah nothing in the 90's stands out. besides the video games, it was kind of a meh decade. i guess the decade got lazy after the crazy 80s :)

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